How to minimize the consumption of parts in excavator work?

How to minimize the consumption of parts in excavator work?

by Arena Chromium Admin on October 11, 2018 Categories: Excavator

  Reducing the loss of parts in excavator work is a very big topic. For excavator users, whether it is a large component such as an extended telescopic arm or a small variety of nuts, proper maintenance is required to reduce the loss of components.Next Sinocmpparts will show you what needs to be done

  During work, the temperature of each part of the excavator has its normal range. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the strength of the accessories, so use coolant and lubricating oil to control the temperature of some accessories to make them work within a reasonable temperature range. The nature and size of the construction machinery workload has an important impact on the loss of Komatsu excavator accessories. Generally speaking, the wear of fittings will increase with the increase of load. When the Komatsu excavator accessories are loaded higher than the design working load, their wear will increase. Under the same conditions, stable load has less wear, less failure and longer service life than high-frequency dynamic load. In addition, prevent the Komatsu excavator parts from corroding.


Reduce unnecessary power loss

1. Accurately apply and protect the exhaust pipe and muffler, including regularly removing carbon deposits in the muffler, repairing the damaged muffler baffle in time, not installing the exhaust pipe forward, and not using the self-made exhaust pipe that is too thin or too long.

2.Keep the excavator walking system in good technical condition.

3. When the locomotive with power steering device makes a sharp turn, it should be loosened slightly after the steering wheel is turned to the limit position to make the spool valve of the distribution valve return to the neutral position, otherwise the high oil pressure in the hydraulic system will exist for too long, which will cause the engine Excessive power consumption increases the wear of parts.


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