20Y-06-15190 Switch Pressure Sensor Br200 Br300 PC200-5 PC220-5 PC410-5



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  • PART NUMBER: Pressure Sensor 20Y-06-15190
  • MODEL APPLIED: This pressure sensor can work for PC200-5 PC200-5X PC200-5T PC400LC PC410LC-5 PC410-5 PC200-5S PC200-5C PC200LC-5T PC200LC-5 PC220-5 PC220LC-5 PC300-5 PC300 PC310LC-5 PC300LC PC310-5 BR310JG-1 BR300J-1 BR200S-1 BR200J-1 BR200R-1 BR200-1 BR100JG-1 BR100RG-1 BR100R-1 Excavator Parts
  • FAST DELIVERY: Pressure Sensor 20Y-06-15190 will be shipped from China in 1-3 days by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and 3-7 days may arrive.
  • NOTE: This sensor has many different prices, this is the closest to the original.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: 3-month warranty.
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